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Frustrated Wives - Help for the Frustrated Wife! Avoiding the reactive marriage Cycle

After this, I depended on him, could not leave him. X: One husband to one wife monogamy is a necessity of society, not a necessity of human nature. Regardless of whether I take custody of the child or she remains with her father, I will agree.

This extramarital affair all of a sudden has woken my female consciousness, I feel my life has changed. Comments from : zzpp66: This is all because of the husband and wife s sex lives are incompatible, a disaster of unfulfilled desire. X: I don t know what to say, because I am facing the same situation, only I m the unmarried young man. If I don t initiate, he won t care about it. X: Continue maintaining the current situation, perhaps after a few years that young guy will get tired of you, at that time it will naturally break of.